Warrior Princess in Music: Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle was one of the first Christian musicians I came to know and love when I stepped into faith. Her voice is beautiful, resembling the popular artist Adele, but it is her words that captivate me. There’s a truth to her songs. I can tell each one is a personal story from her, something she has gone through and overcome and shows just how much she loves God. I see myself in her songs as well, especially one of her latest releases “You Say”. (It’s like she wrote the song just for me and it has helped me get through so many days of negative self-talk) It’s amazing the different talents and passions God bestows on us, but what’s even more amazing is the many different ways we can use those talents to glorify God and spread the Good News. Lauren Daigle is wonderful at this and I recommend you give her a listen for some Godly, womanly inspiration and encouragement for your day!

From her latest album, Look Up Child
Great song to remind us who God says we are and not who the world says we are
From her first album, How Can it Be
Great song to remind us to trust in God for everything and give our lives over to Him because His way is always best, better than anything we could ever come up with!

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