Warrior Princess: Annie F. Downs

I recently started reading “100 Days to Brave: Devotions for Unlocking Your Most Courageous Self”. It all started when I picked Brave for my One Word challenge. A month later I was browsing through Target, which is not a usual activity of mine, and Annie’s book practically jumped off the bookshelf at me. I couldn’t ignore the sign from God to read it so I bought it and now I’m twenty-five days into it. I have to tell you…I LOVE IT! It makes me a sad I didn’t go to the women’s conference at Olivet a month or so ago because Annie F. Downs was the main speaker. This woman is an amazing Warrior Princess of God. If you are a woman looking for encouragement to step up and do what God is asking you to do, even though it’s terrifying, then check out some of her books or go see her speak or listen to her podcast!

A Little Bit About Ms Downs: She is a best-selling author, nationally known speaker, and podcast host, according to her website. I’m always impressed with anyone who can put themselves out there and speak to a crowd of people or put together a podcast and not stumble over their words, as I know is one of my weaknesses. I am shy to a fault, but not Miss Annie here. She gets up on stage, gets on the microphone, or gets on her laptop and lifts women up all over the country and world. And I love that in her writing she doesn’t come off a superior, impressive, or better than. She’s a real woman with real flaws and problems just like the rest of us. She is currently based out of Nashville, went to school in Georgia, and even lived in Scotland briefly. With Scotland being my current international obsession, I was hooked. I felt like as I was reading through “100 Days to Brave” I had found my soul sister! This woman is all about bravery, which I feel is one of the great foundations of stepping out into the world as a Warrior Princess. If you feel like you just can’t muster up courage in your life, give Annie F. Downs a try, in any of her encouraging formats!

Her Podcast: Entitled “That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs”. She describes it as less like a podcast and more like coffee with friends on her website, which is super appealing to me! I am not by any means a podcast listener. I could never get into it. I always despised talk radio so I never naturally made the progression over to podcasts, but I am going to definitely be giving her podcast a listen! If you would like to tune in, just CLICK HERE

Her Books: These are not all of her great books, but just a few to entice you! If you would like to check out her full collection visit her author page on Amazon or check them out on her website.

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