Our Mission

Here at Warrior Princess, we are dedicated to empowering young women to claim their identity in Christ and use it to be the very best version of themselves; the version God created them to be.

Where it all started: Alex Apostol has been publishing books since 2012, both fiction and nonfiction, but it wasn’t until she gave her life over to Christ that she felt a calling to use her God-given passion of writing to minister to younger women. She didn’t grow up in a Christian home and almost never went to church. Through decades of trials and hardship brought on by living a life outside of God’s plan, she was brought to her knees and her eyes were finally opened in 2017. The idea for her first nonfiction Christian book, “WARRIOR PRINCESS: Claiming Your Identity in Christ” (Available Sept 21, 2019), came about like most of the ideas for her nonfiction books, because she wanted to read it herself and of course, because God himself placed it on her heart to write it.

Writing the book: At first the book was all Alex Apostol thought about doing. There was no idea for a companion blog or journal or anything of the sorts. She always knew she wanted the book to be based on scripture alone and nothing else, because the Word is truth and the truth is one of the Warrior’s most powerful weapons. Starting from the beginning of the Bible, she read through and picked out verses that spoke to her Warrior or Princess identity as a young woman. Hard work and time went into organizing all the verses together and once she did she expanded on them and put together the book she hopes will change the lives of many young Christian women who are possibly struggling, either with their faith or with themselves.

Building an Army: This idea couldn’t be denied and consumed her mind for a long time; what good is a warrior without an army? The whole premise behind the Christian faith is banding together. With that idea in mind, Alex Apostol decided it was time to take her Warrior Princess identity and make it available to the world for free through a blog. This information is not meant to be kept hidden, but shared with everyone. She believes we are all Warrior Princesses when we come to accept Christ in our lives and we should be sharing knowledge with each other to sharpen each other, as the Bible says.

How to use the site: This site is not meant to be only consumed, though we do hope you learn from it and apply its teachings to your life. It is also meant to be contributed to by all Warrior Princesses out there! Let the Holy Spirit work through you by sharing your stories and testimonies, giving Godly advice, and encouraging others through comments on posts. We are in this together!