Accepting Yourself

When I read this verse, it really hit home for me. I have a 4-year-old daughter and when I read this, I pictured her asking me those questions and it tore at my heart. But, we ask God these questions all the time. "Why, God, did you make me this heavy-set? Why, God, did you give me such bad acne? Why, God, did I have to have frizzy hair?" No matter what it is, we all have issues with our bodies and self. It's one of the biggest issues women face today. For the longest time, I had a huge laundry list of things I wanted to change about myself.

Warrior Princess: Merida

As I might have mentioned in my last post, I am a little late to the "My One Word" party, but I'm starting it now. The one word I chose was "Brave". It felt like a fitting word for me to choose since I'm impossibly shy and let my fears of what others think and my fear of failure stop me from reaching my full potential. Also, I am a huge fan of the Disney movie "Brave". I believe I am Merida reincarnated (or in my dreams I am). Since I love it so much, I already had a Merida Pop! to place on my desk at work to remind me of my One Word, and the movie is frequently playing in the background while my daughter and I do life in the house.

Parenting: Combating Negative Self-Talk in Our Kids

This subject is close to my heart. I was taught to negative self-talk to myself at a very young age and now I am seeing the same issue with my four-year-old. Honestly, the first time I heard her say something negative about herself (and I knew exactly whom it came from) I wanted to freak out, confront that person and say the usual "How dare you!", but the Holy Spirit restrained me. Why? Because I wasn't trusting God with my daughter.